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Mail Forwarding

 Can you send mail just within the UK?
We can send mail across the world.

 Do you accept Parcels?
Yes, MailboxUK accepts parcels but only at the Wakefield Business Address. We do not accept parcels at the London Address or in the Residential Address.

 How frequently do you send mail?
We normally send mail out each Friday, but we can send mail out, daily, monthly or whatever the client requires.

 If I go away can you hold my mail?
Yes, just give us your instructions, we will hold your mail and send it to you when you want.

UK Mailbox

 Can private individuals have a UK Mailbox?
Yes, the UK Mailbox Service is available to individuals and companies.

 Can the address be used by my bank or for my driving license?
It can be used to receive most mail, bank statements, etc. or renew any existing facility. This address must not be used for opening bank accounts, applying for a UK Driving Licence or enrolling with the NHS, it should not be used to add your name to the Electoral Roll. As this is a mailing address (mailbox) it not your residence, we are not able to provide a utility bill in your name.

 If I order the UK Mailbox Service, how long does it take before I can use it?
As soon as you have placed the order and payment is made, your UK Mailbox is available and you can start using our UK Address.

 Is it a genuine UK Residential Address?
Yes, the UK Residential Address can be checked out on Google Maps.

 Is it legal?
Yes, all you are doing is using the Address for receiving your Mail.

 Is my UK Address secure? How long have you been in business?
We commenced the UK Mailbox Service in 1992 and intend continuing for the foreseeable future.

 Where do you have UK Mailboxes?
We have two UK Addresses, London and Wakefield. We also have UK PO Boxes.

UK Telephone Line

 Can we have the call diverted?
Yes we can divert to most places, you accept all call charges from here to you.

 What does the number look like?
The number is a standard BT line, such as + 44 1924 200580 or 01924 200580.

Parcel Forwarding

 Can I make a Credit Card payment over the telephone?
No, we do not accept Credit Card payments over the telephone. To see the payment options we provide please view our Make a Payment page.

 Do you accept pallets?
Pallets can be accepted by special arrangement. Please contact us for more information.

 Do you deliver parcels to P.O. Boxes?
Yes, to some countries.

 Do you pick up from other addresses e.g. homes, works, auction houses?
Due to packaging problems we do not collect parcels.

 How can I pay?
You can go to our Make a Payment page where you can see all the payment options you have.

 How long will the parcel take to arrive?
We forward parcels within 48 hours assuming we have full instruction and have been paid in full.

 How much will the parcel cost to send?
The cost to send a parcel depends on size, weight and destination. You can fill in this information and get a quote on our Parcel Forwarding page.

 How will I know if you have received my payment?
We send you an invoice acknowledging payment.

 Is it ok to order more than 1 parcel and send them all together?
Yes, it is. We give discounts on multiple Parcel Forwarding. You can contact us for more information.

 What address should I use to receive my parcels?
You should use the following address:

6 Thornes Office Park
Monckton Road
United Kingdom

 When will I know that you have received my parcel?
If you have placed an order with us your name, e-mail and order number will be entered on our database. When your parcel arrives at our premises, we will contact you.

 Will you pay for my duty?
All deliveries must be "Duty Paid"

 Will you re-package my goods if needed or instructed?
Yes, we often charge a small fee for repackaging.

 Would you be able to send out my parcel and I pay later?
We do not give credit. Ltd
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Monckton Road
United Kingdom

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