UK Parcel Forwarding | Send Parcel from UK to your country

UK Parcel Forwarding

Do you want to shop from Amazon UK, Ebay UK, or any outlet in the UK and get the parcels delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the world?

We can provide you with a unique UK parcel forwarding address to have your parcels delivered to. We can send your parcel from UK immediately or we can store and consolidate if you have more parcels to arrive.

Once we have received your parcel we will contact you by email with the delivery price. The price will be based on the size & weight of the parcel. When payment has been made, your parcel will be forwarded from UK to you and we will provide you with a tracking number. It is that simple!

For pallets and large volumes, please contact us

We have discounts for regular users and if you are receiving multiple parcels.

If you know the exact dimensions and weight of your parcel, an accurate quotation maybe be obtained on this page.

Number of Parcels:
Total Value of the goods: 

Attention: All Parcels must be delivered Duty Paid.
All items/stock left uncollected 3 months after the expired subscription date or not paid for, will be disposed of.

Parcel Size (in cm - max 200cm) Weight (max 30kg)
Length: Width: Height: kg

If your parcel weighs under 2Kg please contact the office as a cheaper quote maybe available by Royal Mail.

Insurance note for Parcel and Mail Forwarding
Clients should ensure adequate insurance for Parcels and Mail being forwarded by us from our premises. In transit insurance cover is included in our quotation, which is standard cover up to GBP 50.00. If additional cover is required, it is the client’s responsibility to notify us prior to the parcel being shipped, when we will advise or arrange additional cover. We accept no liability for loss/damage goods in transit, outside this standard insurance cover unless additional cover has been arranged. Clients arranging their own shipping are not covered by our insurance. Goods are insured whilst on our premises. Goods of high value should be brought to our attention.

If you DON'T require a quote by email and want to use the address, send your parcel to:

6 Thornes Office Park
Monckton Road
United Kingdom

Prohibited Goods: Chemicals, Medicines, Drugs, Aerosols, Nail Varnish, Polish & Gel, Perfumes & Aftershaves.

Sending Lithium Batteries (or not sure): Only send in strong rigid packaging and connected to an electronic device such as mobile phone, digital camera or laptop. Maximum two per consignment.

Warning: UK Controlled Drugs

Any parcels containing controlled drugs Class A, B and C (steroids) will be confiscated and destroyed by the UK Border Agency (Customs). In the event of such a parcel being delivered to our premises, the police will be informed of the sender and the parcel destroyed.

Parcel Forwarding

 Can I make a Credit Card payment over the telephone?
No, we do not accept Credit Card payments over the telephone. To see the payment options we provide please view our Make a Payment page.

 Do you accept pallets?
Pallets can be accepted by special arrangement. Please contact us for more information.

 Do you deliver parcels to P.O. Boxes?
Yes, to some countries.

 Do you pick up from other addresses e.g. homes, works, auction houses?
Due to packaging problems we do not collect parcels.

 How can I pay?
You can go to our Make a Payment page where you can see all the payment options you have.

 How long will the parcel take to arrive?
We forward parcels within 48 hours assuming we have full instruction and have been paid in full.

 How much will the parcel cost to send?
The cost to send a parcel depends on size, weight and destination. You can fill in this information and get a quote on our Parcel Forwarding page.

 How will I know if you have received my payment?
We send you an invoice acknowledging payment.

 Is it ok to order more than 1 parcel and send them all together?
Yes, it is. We give discounts on multiple Parcel Forwarding. You can contact us for more information.

 What address should I use to receive my parcels?
You should use the following address:

6 Thornes Office Park
Monckton Road
United Kingdom

 When will I know that you have received my parcel?
If you have placed an order with us your name, e-mail and order number will be entered on our database. When your parcel arrives at our premises, we will contact you.

 Will you pay for my duty?
All deliveries must be "Duty Paid"

 Will you re-package my goods if needed or instructed?
Yes, we often charge a small fee for repackaging.

 Would you be able to send out my parcel and I pay later?
We do not give credit. Ltd
European Business Centre
6 Thornes Office Park
Monckton Road
United Kingdom

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Company Number 15387264