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Mail Forwarding UK

Do you need a UK address? This UK Mail Forwarding address is ideal if you need a temporary or permanent address in UK with Mail Forwarding Service to your country.

To order or if you require more information, please fill in your details below. We take email privacy very seriously. We will never sell or share your information and we do not send out newsletters.

Mailbox UK and Mail Forwarding UK

This postal service will allow people to travel and move freely around the globe without restriction and knowing that their mail is addressed and kept safe.

If you have no fixed address, we can scan & email your post or keep it until you need it. We can forward post/parcels to any location in the world by royal mail or courier.

The service also allows businesses to trade in the UK from anywhere in the world, opening up new markets to the UK.

Mail can be forwarded as frequently as you require - daily, weekly or monthly.

- We do not accept Parcels at the London address
- Passport/ID and utility bill are required for London Mailboxes
- All items/stock left uncollected 3 months after the expired subscription date or not paid for, will be disposed of.


We Accept:

UK Mailbox

 Can private individuals have a UK Mailbox?
Yes, the UK Mailbox Service is available to individuals and companies.

 Can the address be used by my bank or for my driving license?
It can be used to receive most mail, bank statements, etc. or renew any existing facility. This address must not be used for opening bank accounts, applying for a UK Driving Licence or enrolling with the NHS, it should not be used to add your name to the Electoral Roll. As this is a mailing address (mailbox) it not your residence, we are not able to provide a utility bill in your name.

 If I order the UK Mailbox Service, how long does it take before I can use it?
As soon as you have placed the order and payment is made, your UK Mailbox is available and you can start using our UK Address.

 Is it a genuine UK Residential Address?
Yes, the UK Residential Address can be checked out on Google Maps.

 Is it legal?
Yes, all you are doing is using the Address for receiving your Mail.

 Is my UK Address secure? How long have you been in business?
We commenced the UK Mailbox Service in 1992 and intend continuing for the foreseeable future.

 Where do you have UK Mailboxes?
We have two UK Addresses, London and Wakefield. We also have UK PO Boxes.

Mail Forwarding

 Can you send mail just within the UK?
We can send mail across the world.

 Do you accept Parcels?
Yes, MailboxUK accepts parcels but only at the Wakefield Business Address. We do not accept parcels at the London Address or in the Residential Address.

 How frequently do you send mail?
We normally send mail out each Friday, but we can send mail out, daily, monthly or whatever the client requires.

 If I go away can you hold my mail?
Yes, just give us your instructions, we will hold your mail and send it to you when you want. Ltd
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