Nominee Service Conditions - EBC

Nominee Service Conditions

By agreeing to using our Nominee Services you accept the following conditions and must:

1. Provide a copy of the passport and utility bill of the residence of the Beneficial Owner and any Agent.

2. If the company is UK Registered, supply the Company Name, Registered Number and Authentication Code.

3. If the company is UK Registered, use our Registered Office in either Wakefield or London, unless agreed otherwise.

4. If the company is a UK Registered Company, you must accept the Authentication Code will be held by us with a new code for the duration of the subscription.

5. Provide details of the type of business the company is or likely to be involved with.

6. Accept that, at the end of the Nominee subscription period the subscriber will be given the option to continue with the subscription. If the subscriber doesn’t wish to renew or it is not possible to contact the subscriber, the Nominee service will be terminated, and the Nominee will resign.

7. Nominees can only be used on the company, initially named in the agreement.

8. Nominees and Nominees on companies cannot be used on Third Party companies, without prior agreement.

9. Accept we do not sign documents or provide identification for Banks or Merchant Accounts without prior agreement.

10. Agree that the terms negotiated between parties are based on emails between the parties. Any amendments by way of subsequent emails must be agreed and confirmed by both parties.

By you accepting the Nominee Services confirms that we, European Business Centre (WW) Limited, don't have any involvement in the day to day running of the company.

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